The Lake District Chronicles:1


Ullswater Adventures

Something my Dad and I love doing is randomly driving somewhere and figuring out what to do once we’re there. One of these journeys took us to the Lake District and Ullswater. After a quick stop at Pooley Bridge and the acquirement of a map, we found a route to Helvellyn. However, it was 3pm in the middle of winter and I was wearing trainers. So we didn’t quite make it to Helvellyn, but we did find some amazing places along the way.

Starting at the carpark in Glenridding – a super cute little village sitting on the south corner of Ullswater – we wandered up the Greenside road past Traveller’s Rest pub.

Image of ullswater adventures

Taking a left, we found ourselves walking past a farm before finding the track around Birkhouse Moor. Intending to climb the fell, which had dominated the skyline as we wandered along the Helvellyn route, we got climbing.

A little while along, after skipping a couple of rivers, we saw the remains of a coal mine. We decided to investigate and found our way along a route to Sticks Pass.

Image of Ullswater adventures

We didn’t quite get that far, but we got a fantastic view from the top of Raise.

By this point it was starting to get dark, so we decided to go back. But this time, we chose a different route. Following the track we ascended on, we found our way back to Greenside Road past the YHA youth hostel.

Image of Ullswater adventures

The route took us back past Traveller’s rest, where we stopped for dinner – and can definitely recommend. It is such a quaint pub, in that traditional you have to sit next to a random stranger whilst you eat your tea kind of way. But close proximity meant lots of chatter and a really friendly atmosphere. A very nice end to our little adventure.


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