Moving to Twickenham

Image of Twickenham Green
Twickenham Green

Three weeks ago, I up sticks and moved to Twickenham. I’d been staying with relatives in North-West London previously, but with the procurement of a new job the opposite side of the city, Twickenham seemed the obvious choice.

It’s quite a luxury to live under ten minutes away from where you work, especially when your walk there takes you past Twickenham Green.

Image of Twickenham Green
Twickenham Green

I keep snapping pics most days as, somehow, it seems to be different every day. Plus, there have been some pretty gorgeous sunsets recently.

Image of Twickenham Green
Twickenham Green

I have spent most weekends exploring the area with my first point of call the River Crane Walk. The walk itself is very popular with lots of people out on a Sunday afternoon. But then, I guess it is the perfect Sunday afternoon stroll.

Image of River Crane Walk
River Crane Walk

Mainly flat and surrounded by trees, it’s quaint and simple with some gorgeously carved benches along the way.

The map shows that there is a nature reserve along the route, yet as dusk drew in, I didn’t quite get that far – a trip for earlier in the day perhaps. Still, it was lovely to be surrounded by so much greenery so close to my house.

A couple of weeks later, I decided to do a little Christmas shopping so wandered through the town. A colleague at work had taken me to the Riverside off Church Street one afternoon, and as I wandered I suddenly found myself looking over the River Thames again.

Image of Twickenham Riverside
Twickenham Riverside

The colours this time of year really add to the scene and I realised that there are walks along the river all the way to Richmond and beyond – which I will have to explore sometime soon!

Image of Eel Pie Island Twickenham
Eel Pie Island Twickenham

I had noticed a bridge when I had first visited the Riverside, so decided to cross it. I found myself on Eel Pie Island.

It’s beautiful and felt like a different world to the centre of town. There are some absolutely gorgeous houses with the Twickenham Rowing Club off to one side – a lovely walk even if I did have the distinct feeling I may have been trespassing. It was a whole community by itself, separated in the middle of the Thames, almost completely cut off from everything.

Image of Twickenham Riverside
Twickenham Riverside

I know there’s still so much more to see around the area, but I guess this is a start! I’ll keep you posted as I find more corners of the world.


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